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PROLAKE (for lake) is specialized in assembly, delivery and management of special technological units used by sediments and groundwater remediation project. PROLAKE is part of the PROGROUPE. PROLAKE has won a prominent position on the Slovak market in a number of highly specialized projects removalof river sediments and groundwater remediation.

PROGROUPE strives to create synergy between all the companies within the group. PROLAKE utilized this synergy to offer client’s greater know-how and experience for complex any multidisciplinary projects. PROLAKE bring energize to the PROGROUPE with excellent project and financial management, and offshore services.

The environmental companies of the PROGROUPE are specialist international environmental contractors that focus on complex and multidisciplinary removal of sediments and groundwater remediation projects.

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Veľké Kozmálovce

Water reservoir Veľké Kozmálovce is located on the Hron River close to village of Veľké Kozmálovce. Thes reservoir supplies water to Mochovce Nuclear Power Plant to low-head hydropower plant and irrigation channel Perec. Almost of the reservoir volume is filled with sediments (ca. 1 mil. m³ of sediments). Alongside the removal of sediments from the most critical sections, guiding structures were built to minimise the accumulation of sediments, supported by maintenance based on sedimentation modelling.
  • Project duration: 2008 – 2011
  • Client: SVP, š.p. ; o.z. Banská Bystrica
  • Volume of dewatered sediments: 130 000 m³ (as-grown)
  • Weight of removed sediments: 80 200 t

Clean-up of contaminated sediments from Klenice River, Mladá Boleslav

Klenice River flows close to the AKUMA premises (car batteries producer ) in Mladá Boleslav, Czech Republic, belonging to the FIAMM S.p.A. concern. Unknown amount of lead (Pb) was flushed to the river and contaminated river sediments, during flood. In cooperation with the company Ladeo, s.r.o., authorised for hazardous waste management, we cleaned-up Klenice River by pumping, dewatering and safe disposal of river sediments to the full satisfaction of our client FIAMM S.p.A..
  • Project duration: 09 – 2011
  • Client: Ladeo, s.r.o., Česká Lípa, Česká republika
  • Volume of dewatered sediments: app. 600 m³ (as-grown)
  • Weight of removed sediments: 450 t

Gabčíkovo-Nagymaros Waterworks, Dam Čunovo, Reservoir Hrušov

Gabčíkovo-Nagymaros Waterworks, Dam Čunovo, Reservoir Hrušov are located near Bratislava. The reservoir Hrušov was developed as an alternative solution after decision was made to stop the construction of the Dam Nagymaros. The Dam Čunovo includes an outlet to Moson arm of the Danube River, auxiliary locks, servicing port and low-head hydropower plant. Depending on the volume and velocity of flow, sediments accumulate in the reservoir, reducing thus the infiltration through the bottom of the reservoir, which results in the decreasing level of underground water, lower quality of sediments and surface water
  • Project duration: 2011 – 2012
  • Client: Vodohospodárska výstavba, š.p. Bratislava
  • Volume of dewatered sediments: 141 000 m³ (as-grown)
  • Weight of removed sediments: 106 000 t

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We have technological devices able to perform the following services:

Separation and treatment of sediments

Sorting line separates the individual sludge fractions, which allows their various usage and optimize dewatering process. Sorting line is able to separate coarse grain, sand and clay fraction.

Mechanical dewatering

Powerful decanting centrifuge reliably separates water from solids. The dewatered sediment reaches dry matter up to 75{4e97681182cc92e40cdb8e85b1f6e1f59323619508f92232b919ab224e7251ff}.

Solutions for dewatered sediments

An innovative method of environmental revitalisation of marinas, harbours, reservoirs, lakes and fishponds.

Process results: removal of contaminated sediments, restoration of nautical depth of marinas and harbours, increase of water flow to water turbines, improvement of offtake conditions during floods, restoration of natural ecosystem of lakes and ponds.

PROLAKE, s. r. o.

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